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Get amazing Free Images photos for your website or blog now! Read this article and discover where you can find professional and free stock photos!

Free Stock Photos

Finding the right, top-quality photos for your website or blog is really important! The quality of a certain photo can significantly impact on your website. If you use high-quality photos, your customers will notice you take a really good care about your website and they will consider you as a professional and reliable web owner. The truth is that we all tend to gravitate towards pretty and nice images, and we are pretty quick to judge when something simply doesn’t look good.

In order to find suitable images for your website or blog, you need to know where to look exactly. Even though there are hundreds of websites on the internet, not all of them are recommendable. There are websites that are too complicated to use, there are websites that require attribution, and there are websites that offer low-quality photos.

For that reason, we’ve decided to come up with a list of different recommendations where you can find free and high-quality photos.

The free stock photos are known as creative commons and they are absolutely free for you to download and use on your site. The only downside of using such photos is that your selection may be limited. If you want to use a bigger selection of products, you will have to pay. With paid photos, you get access to a larger selection of stock photos that cover almost every niche and industry out there.

Here are some of our free recommendations:

Here are the disadvantages of inventory management software:

  • IM Free: This is a free resource and the photos are free for you to use under the CC0 license or Creative Commons license. Bloggers and web designers love the photos here as they give a sense of authenticity and realism. This website categorizes the photos by categories including arts, ambient, business, cityscape, black & white, fashion and beauty, foods & drinks, nature, lifestyles, people, inspirations, occupations, technology, and much more. This is without a doubt an incredible resource. Check their official website and see what they can offer you!
  • 500px.com: –This website is our favorite one on this list. Here you can find both free and paid photos. The thing we really like about this website is that their creative commons are pretty amazing. The quality of these photos are as good as the paid ones. We discovered the photos available here are more artistic and some of the real life photos are much more creative and realistic. We highly recommend visiting 500px.com..
  • Flickr.com: –You probably know flickr.com – the biggest resource on the internet of free photos. Flickr can offer you over 43 million free photos for you to choose from. The only downside is that there aren’t always high-quality photos, but you can find a lot of great natural photos as users are free to share their photos here. Scroll down and see if there is anything you can use.

Besides these free options, we can recommend you some paid options as well. If you can’t find anything on 500px.com or Flickr you can always check GettyImages.com, Shutterstock.com, Bigstock.com, and etc. These websites can offer you a huge selection of high-quality photos you can use for your website or blog such as fashion photographs, portraits, landscapes, nature, technology, people, and etc!

Check our recommendations, and use the website that suits your needs the most! Let us know which website is your favorite one!


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